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Any guesses on the identification of vessel/structure X above?  I assumed it was military.  Answer follows.

The long frustrating lines at the gas pumps locally are NOT the result of absence of fuel in the port.  From l to r here are tankers Queen Express, Romo Maersk, Sira, and Mercini Lady . . .

Closer up of Romo Maersk and Sira.  Although these tanker are in port, they’re not at the usual docks because

this activity is in high gear there:  hydrographic surveying for hidden obstacles and possibly

retrieving them.   Tug here is Harry McNeal.

Oil is being moved, however, in the likes of barge Edwin A. Poling, pushed by Kimberly Poling,  and

barge Pacific, pushed by North Sea and assisted here by tug Pegasus. Clipper Legacy is obscured at the dock there also.

Here it is . .  vessel/structure X aka Happy Delta bringing in some large structures marked

NYC Sanitation.   ?

It’s great to get this angle of Pati R. Moran, but noteworthy also . .  the orange vessel in the background . . . it’s Duncan Island, bringing NYC its bananas.

Western Highway . . . transports who knows what vehicles

And surely some parts of the port are flowing when APL Cyprine ingresses as Hoechst Express egresses.

Note the tan colored vehicles atop  . . .  port side.  Charles D. McAllister escorts.

JLTVs mebbe?  Among other things  . . .

And the two final images thanks to AIS marinetraffic . . . .  the inflow Monday morning at 0800 . . . and

today, Tuesday, at 1400.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who is mindful that many folks on land around the sixth boro still lack electricity, heat, and cable communications; and walk up and down dark stairs in high rises to get MREs passed out by the National Guard.    Temperatures this morning here were in the mid-30s . . . i.e., just a hover above freezing.

What does 63 degrees in February look like?   After a snowy and cold stretch since late December as documented here . . . and a gusty November here, the harbor exudes an otherworldly moodiness as Charles D. McAllister moves a car float into the rail dock over by BAT.    Doubleclick enlarges most fotos.

Foto taken from the fishing pier in Owls Head.

Fisherman and crabbers in the Bay –come sunshine or sleet–can take off some layers and roll up their sleeves.  Note Pier 6 in the background, and appearance  of Staten Island as a Downeast maritimes village.

Likewise, crews on service boats in the harbor, like Becky Ann here southbound on the Arthur Kill and passing Howland Hook, have an easier time than a week or so back.

Vega Nikolas, here south bound past Hoffman Island meets

more fishing vessels and Ludwigshafen Express, itself on its way into MOT Bayonne.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp lst Thursday and Friday, who’s elated that another six weeks might bring scenes like these, if Chuck can be believed.

(continued from 2a)  … as I was saying, once Margaret senses an opening between Sex and the bulkhead, she nudges the bow over toward New Jersey, causing Laura K to quicken her 5100 horsepower and to send Kills water geysering astern.


Margaret lavishes 3000-hp attention to the bow,


Laura K persists,


Margaret doesn’t relent until Sex‘s


964′ length pivots with the desired angle to slip into the channel toward Newark Bay,


Sex‘s 104’ beam gets squeezed between a total of 8100 hp intensely pushing, while she herself uses nearly 30,000 hp to withdraw


transforming the tugs into flexible thrusters, bow and stern, backing


in the direction of southern Bayonne before


release from the confines of protected waters and a run to sea.  A ship as long as a 64-floor building is tall urged from bonds ashore to energized freedom to rock on whatever seas she encounters . . . all taking less than 15 minutes  . . . tis a thing of beauty.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

I posted about this procedure last summer, abridging the vessel name Glasgow Express to a monosyllabic Glex.  Never did I think then there’d be a Seoul Express that could collapse to . . .  Sex, (in its prudishness, Hapag-Lloyd abbreviates  the vessel as Sox . . . gosh darn jiminy crisper)  but in deference to precedent and celebration of spring, meet the container ship code-named SEX.   Anyhow, my favorite Laura K nosing into the bulkhead so that  the pilot (?) can jump ashore means only one thing below those as-yet taut sternlines . . . assist time has arrived!  A large vessel will soon reverse itself out of this part of the sixth boro, aka the “inner coast” of Staten Island, i.e., the Kills.


Laura K glides over to stern starboard to wait for


(while Margaret noses in and pins Sex to the bulkhead)


a heaving line to haul in the towline so that


Laura K can inch Sex into the stream


as she churns her own self stern-first seaward.


Once Margaret senses space widening between the bulkhead and Sex‘s  bow, she . . .


(Oops. Postus interruptus, to be continued tomorrow...)

Unrelated:  Allie B and Brooklyn Bridge, whose departure from greater Boston we documented on March 7, have now arrived with their cargo in Romania.  Bravo to the crew.  Thanks to Sackrabbit for following this story.

Also, a message from Henry has been received from the North Sea off Norway;  as soon as the garbling across the seas of time is clarified, we’ll post.  Stand by.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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