The non-river called East River conveys and engulfs much. Early in this blog’s life I posted of delights; traffic I’ve seen and not foto’d include a house on a barge and several terrapins. I caught a novelty last week: stern first and escorted by Heidi Roehrig and Bering Sea, this Navy hulk moved westbound on the East River apparently from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Anyone know more of the story? Who’s talking to the crewman on stern/bow watch?



Battleship gray blends too well into warehouse gray on the Brooklyn side.


Judge relative size using the fact that Bering Sea is 100′ LOA.

If you tell the story of this gray derelict, you get offered a relief blogging crew position.

And, watch tomorrow’s post to learn Heidi’s next day assignment.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.