Morris Canal . . . never heard of it? Wikipedia calls it anthracite-driven, and in pre-oil days, that said it all. Morris Canal connected the Hudson with the Delaware, which served as waterway for Pennsylvania coal. For out-of-towners, a half-mile vestige of the canal runs roughly west from the Hudson just north of Ellis Island. The large Colgate clock marks the north side of the entrance.


For orientation, notice the Empire State Building and the Holland Tunnel ventilator off the port side of Sea Lion leaving the Canal.


So what’s the story with Cape Race moored in Liberty Landing marina? North Sea fishing trawler converted to yacht? For TimZim.


This one’s for Tana: one of three repurposed lightships in greater New York. Previously a fourth lay mostly underwater in Red Hook. Now its location is unknown, as removal for the new Ikea was “necessary.”