One if by land, QM2 as seen from the “subway” thanks to rsguskind. And two if by sea. Well, “by sea” defined as midstream between the Statue and Governor’s Island. In the foreground is Cheyenne pushing some gravel barges, then the empty housing blocks of Governor’s Island, and the skyline across the invisible Buttermilk Channel is QM2.


Below is a much closer waterline shot showing tug Heidi Roehrig and barge attending to the Queen‘s fluids. Recall that less than 24 hours before, Heidi was escorting a derelict out of Brooklyn.


Below again, here’s a closer shot of the banner suspended from the Queen.


By the way, in 2008 three Queens will visit New York simultaneously, as QV makes her maiden visit. Click here for fotos of QM‘s first squeeze under the Verrazano.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.