Today’s photos were taken less than a month ago by Ingrid Staats, who writes, “I grew up on the Hudson River and I love getting your blog posts! Here’s some pics from my last trip upstate 1/30– looking north toward Albany, there’s two tugs waiting to greet Champion Istra.  One is Frances Turecamo.  She went past [the tanker], then turned around and escorted her on the stern while the other one led her bow






About three hours later I saw BBC Tennessee come up. So much action on the river these days ….”


As you know, I enjoy collaborations on this blog, and then I do my own poking around.  If the shipspotting info is correct, BBC Tennessee called so briefly in Albany–between a stop in Newport News and Philadelphia–that it doesn’t even show.  As of this morning, March 2, she’s inbound Rio de la Plata for Buenos Aires.

Champion Istra is currently in midAtlantic, westbound from Denmark, headed for Philadelphia.

Many thanks to Ingrid for these photos, which offer insights into Hudson River shipping connections.