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Some people are up before dawn on Easter because of work.  But at sunrise this morning from Bard Street and looking west . . . it was gray.


Looking east . . . dawn smudged the rosy fingers’ painting.   Lucy Reinauer pushed RTC 83 in that direction, while the Moran 6000 hp tractors returned to the barn after helping Hanjin Shenzhen out to sea and southbound.


And the Bayonne windmill has revived its current production.  Passing it in order were JRT Moran,


and James D.  In the distance, that’s Barney Turecamo and


Miriam also passed.


Caitlin Ann and


Hunting Creek also worked their way into Easter morning.


And I decided to get to work also.  All photos by Will Van Dorp, who did versions 1 and 2 of this in previous years.  Here was a different take on Easter.  As for Caitlin Ann’s being blue . . .


here’s how I first saw her.


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