… will be the minigolf pier, the beach volleyball pier, and the historic vessels pier.  And the first of three arrived there today.  Lilac, ex-WLM-227  . . .

launched at Pusey & Jones on May 26, 1933.  Since her steam plant must for now remain idle, Vessel Traffic Service classified her today as a “dead vessel” as she made the almost mile-long transit from pier 40 to pier 25, where

she will soon be open for visitors.  Move today was made by Miller’s Launch, who had two boats on the scene . . .  tug Catherine C and workboat Cecilia.

As she got backed into the site, I noticed

Ed on Lilac and  . . . bowsprite catching lines!!

But she was much too

busy catching lines to

deal with a blogger like me,  who intrinsically would much rather catch lies lines, too, but realizes that if I did, no one

might be taking these fotos.

More from pier 25 soon.  And some day, ot so soon, wouldn’t it be nice to hear Lilac’s engine purr like this . . . .