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From my reading Stephen King phase, I remember a formula that involved a storm or fog moving on and leaving something inexplicable, usually malevolent.  If I

hadn’t expected Gazela at this appointed hour, my imagination would have raced.  Instead, it did my heart good to see Gazela–who was still dory fishing on the Grand Banks when Armstrong  strolled around some lunar real estate since abandoned.  Crossing paths with Gazela as it entered the KVK was John P. Brown.  If you’re interested in dining (DINING) aboard Gazela Friday evening, click here for info and reservations.

Gazela‘s in town as part of Atlantic Salt fest.    For fotos of Gazela in clear bright August sunshine, click here.

This too, had I not been forewarned, would have conjured up Stephen King thoughts;  given its beam, I’d call this “one big-ass ship” aka Makulu . . . if you speak Zulu.  Dimensions:  735′ loa x 210′ beam!

It looks like it could carry all of BAT to some foreign shore.

In spite of its color, it’sBlue Marlin.  Click here and scroll through to see Blue Marlin–back when it was still blue–carrying the DDG-67 USS Cole from Yemen back to Mississippi in 2000.  Click here on Fogonazos to see some huge loads.

I saw some Reinauer boats skittering around the boro today . . . for fear of being loaded onto this orange Blue Marlin.  I expect to see more of Blue Marlin loading the next few days.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated but almost . . . See these fotos Capt Joey of Good Morning Gloucester took of Wanderbird high and dry up in Cape Ann.

So I have this set of unrelated fotos lingering in my mental hopper, and it’s the time of year to clear out hoppers.  My decision . . . post them as , well, a set of unrelated fotos.  Like this one.  It reminds me of an Eagles’ song from long ago except not quite.  Where taken?  What would the lyrics of this song be?

From Allen Baker, who took it as he was leaving the Morris Canal back in 1984.  Besides the new skyline, the waterfront is entirely different.  What exists there now could be imagined in a parallel universe that has sen tectonic uplifting that has created a new set of escarpments, disjointed cliffs.

Taking a picture through a window could create a whole new series.    Has a tjalk ever before worn such fanciful sails?   Foto thanks to Rene Keuvelaar.

What to say . .  dancers high atop the  radar mast of a cruise vessels?  Cleaning and adjustment?  Performance art?

And finally . . .  from Fred Trooster, who also supplied the Hotel New York foto taken in Rotterdam, a sidewheeler steam tug alongside cliffs on the Rhine pulling a string of barges.  Do such fotos exist of sidewheeler tugs on the Hudson or in the sixth boro?

Thanks to Fred, Allen, and Rene for these fotos.  I took the foto of “dancers” in the radar mast high atop Caribbean Princess, just after it docked in Red Hook earlier this month.

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