And the answer is . . . “Can’t stump me on this one either.  I witnessed this from Fort Wadsworth . . . the final departure from New York of  Queen Mary September 22, 1967.”  Harold . .  you win again.  Here’s a link to roughly corroborating evidence from videoal’s flickr stream. And  Another.. .  although in both these videoal give September 16 as the date.  ?    Like Harold, though, I come up with September 22, 1967 from this article.

This “tugster teaser”  calls attention to my selective vision of sixth boro traffic:  over half dozen cruise ships traverse the harbor weekly, but I had to go back to early summer for the most recent cruise ship foto I’d taken.  Norwegian Hussy, I think this vessel is called, given the meretricious lips on this vessel.  If I’d waited a split-second longer, the building onthe ridge would give a more convincing sense of being an oversize stack for Bart to wax eloquent about.


Don’t misunderstand . . . I like Norwegians.  And full disclosure, my only “passenger vessel” trips have been the length of the Red Sea and across a portion of the Med on what I chose as a cheap and scenic alternative to flying,  aboard Al-Makkah and another vessel whose name–egad!  I’ve forgotten.  I enjoyed seeing the sharks and flying fish.

Thanks to Dave Boone for use of this foto, which identifies as October 1957, with tugs Turecamo Girls, Newport, Carol Moran, and Diana L. Moran.  I’m wondering about the blimp.  In 1957 the Navy was experimenting with airships.   Might this event be honoring Snowbird‘s record-breaking flight, or is the blimp there to help fete some other honoree not depicted?  Anyone hazard a guess?

By the way, the current Turecamo Girls was launched in 1965.  Carol Moran was reefed off New Jersey in 1990.  Diana was scrapped in 2006.


I hadn’t intended this as the next Tugster Teaser, but I would like to know the event.  Airships, yeah, we see them . . . like here framed between the fins of the flying fish on Pier 66

aaastt1in summer over the harbor;  in fact, the one below I posted back in December 2006.  One of my favorites, I had taken it on an especially hazy summer day that summer.


I might not know what I’m choosing, but I’d love a long voyage in an airship.  Here are images of Hindenburg interiors.   Here are many more images:  scroll through to see my favorite is the bedroom called “deluxe cabin.” Might I get “re-honeymooned”  just for a spot for a voyage in this cabin!!  Wait . .  I never had a first honeymoon.

Maybe post-cheap-oil, we’ll return to this technology??

By the way, if you’re interested in seeing fotos of the final departure of another legend, check out “Surfing QE2’s Wake . . .”