Cheyenne, Odin, and Janice Ann Reinauer each have unique ways of raising/lowering the helm, i.e., changing the air draft. Type those names into the search box at left if you missed the posts. Just the other day I (finally) noticed yet a different mechanism on Taurus. See the orange just forward the stacks?

Here’s a closer up.

So, I’m guessing you loosen the stays and push a lever to make the upper wheelhouse pivot backward, out of the way. Leave nothing inside.

I checked a foto from about a year ago, and –sure enough–now I notice the orange ram that previously escaped my notice.

Finding something “hidden in plain sight” makes me wonder what else I’ve missed and where. Falcon has the same system, just differently painted.

I think I’ve got hydraulics on the brain since seeing those St Lawrence self-unloaders. I’m hoping to go back up there soon.

Tugboat racing . . . coming to the sixth boro on August 31. Read about it here. And someone I know in Detroit never told me about the international race there. Or the one in Seattle.

Photos, WVD.