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Well, it works. Here two tows use opposing power to assist each other through railroad bridges (N&W #5) and the Berkley Bridge on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk. Follow the bubble trail behind tug Captain Ron L, the smaller of the two tugs, moving astern.

Tug Aries moves forward. Vulcan Materials Company, a large aggregates company, operates both tugs. From their website, I notice they started out 99 years ago surfacing roads in North Carolina with mules. They also have teacher materials right there. If I were studying high school physics, I’d love this means to understand vectors.

Fancy driving. Fotos thanks to Jed.

740′ x 78′ x 26.’ Shoehorning won’t add an inch anywhere. Atlantic Huron, below and loaded with ore, squeezes in with inches on either side and only four feet length to spare.

Vertical lift in Eisenhower Lock is 42 feet.

The lock celebrates its half-centennial next year. I celebrated my return there after 44 years two days ago and feel the same excitement now as when I was 12.

More on Massena, the locks and the fourth coast later.

Although I’ve never seen them, the locks in Panama must look similarly maxed out when a Panamax vessel squeezes through. Got lube?

The lock functions for these “made-to-measures” as well as for 25-foot sailboats. Anyone know the fees for locking through in a recreational vessel? I don’t.

By the way, I’m now back in the sixth boro and finished with the Winooski.

Photos, WVD.

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