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Note: Part of the surprise lies in a link between the last ship foto and the farm foto.

A thin strip of ocean access flows across the rural areas of uppest-state New York at the Eisenhower Lock, and I wonder how bluewater mariners see this region.

The two crewmen on postside bow of Marlene Green take radically opposing approaches to the bright sunlight.

Tension on docklines holds the vessel in place as it lowers to exit downriver.

Marlene Green up . . .

down, and out, bound for the Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne and then Cornwall and beyond.

Check out this link to the cargo a salty like Marlene Green might have delivered way into the American heartland? Sections of towers like the ones below. Wind farms like the one below (I took the foto from Rte 11) up in the north country intrigued me. I count 15 on this shot alone, although in this low-res format you might not see that many. The future is now up here.

Photos, WVD.

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