When New Amsterdam became New York, it must have been easy: just run up a new flag and defend it with cannon.  RSGuskind documents what happens on buildings in his faded industry post.



This tug used to be known as Exxon Empire State, but all that’s left of the previous identity is raised metal. So grind it off or lavish on the paint?   A friend named Mary had a similar dilemma when she divorced the husband whose name she had had tattooed on her back.


To mask the raised metal that previously announced this vessel as Fidelio (sibling of Faust), more than 10′ of plate was cut and the structure masked by adding a lifeboat assembly to mark its transformation to Patriot.



Sarah Dann‘s renaming is well-executed, but I’m wondering why she’s no longer Stephanie Dann. What sibling rivalry underlies this?


I just finished a book that involves a tugboat Rose renamed as Babe. Check it out here.

Photos, WVD.