By request, more Peking fotos



with a contented crew at the base of the shrouds,



and in them



as a deckhand awaits the order from the pilot to send over a line.



More crew await in the rigging and



in the forepeak resting on a long unmoved anchor windlass. The gear overhead is attached to the capstan. Notice the two dock lines exiting the ship through the hawse (hole). By the way, forward and off to the right of the foto . . . that used to be the area dedicated to pigs. No, really, in the days prior to refrigeration, ships like Peking had an on-board stie from for special dinners. The larder, for now, has no occupants.

Btw, F. Laeisz, former owner of Peking, still exists as a shipping company.
Foto credits here to Elizabeth, Will, and Rich.