Below is the bark Cuauhtémoc docked at Pier 17 on the East River yesterday. Cuauhtémoc? Notice the large flag on the mizzen? Why is this spring festival associated with an unlikely event in Mexican history?



Check this link and this one for more on this vessel, a great figurehead, and answers to some of the questions above. It’s Baltic bound. As to Cinco de Mayo, check here.

As to Cuauhtémoc, check here. If it happened today, Cortes would have been indicted in The Hague. Also, I find it strange to have seen so many Mexican flags at the immigration march last Tuesday on Broadway (I left my camera home!@#!) and then at the Cinco de Mayo festivities on Saturday, some undocumented workers massed after work one day and Mexican naval cadets in immaculate dress whites four days later.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.