I thought to call this Bolero 2 . . . Bolero down Broadway!!! By now you know “Interruption” means public service announcement. Here’s a great one to come ashore for, specifically Dance Parade May 19 down Broadway.



It’s the first one ever, so it’ll be the best ever. And if you don’t bolero, you can boogaloo, bailarico, baris, bizz nizz, birilyant . . . all paces and shapes.  You get the idea..   and it’ll be dress rehearsal for the . . .



June 23 Mermaid Day parade on Coney Island. Here’s a link to a dance parade in another great port. Know of other port dance parades? Are you there, Trinidad?



So, be you male, female, Μιξοπάρθενος, 人魚, jengu, Russalki, mami wata, fandangoista, or something else, come to the parade!

All photos by Will Van Dorp.