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. . . so yesterday I said she leading the Argo was NOT a mermaid. It’d sound rude–downright nasty–to call her what wikipedia does though . . . so here’s the Greek that shall not be pronounced except by those who read Greek.



Above and below are naiads from the Rockefeller Fountain at the Bronx Zoo, like some NYC statuary imported from elsewhere, a piece of sculpture that once graced Lake Como now an NYC landmark. Or are naiads only female? If so, what does one call a male Μιξοπάρθενος in English?



Twenty miles to the southwest, Snug Harbor features the Neptune Fountain, with the belegged metallic one who sits prodding a mythological mount.



Halfway in between the Bronx and Staten Island, anyone know how to call this “fish rider” in Rockefeller Center? I’ve always assumed the fish was a stylized sturgeon.


Is it part of the Lee Lawrie work?

Check out the Hudson River Estuary logo: it’s the best sturgeon figure I know. I’d never ride a sturgeon except in a fantasy, but they are large. By the way, the next time you hear an unidentified splash along the dark Hudson, consider it might be two such sturgeons in love or one solitary fleshy Μιξοπάρθενος.

Personal disclosure, one of my all-time favorite movies was NOT about an Μιξοπάρθενος but a bonafide mermaid;  I seek her attention more than Alice’s.  It was a documentary, right?

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

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