This is not a great photo, but given the temperatures out, it is the only one I was going to get.  It’s hard to believe today how icy it was just yesterday.

How could I not want to get photos of a Dutch general cargo vessel named for one of my favorite venues in the “dry” boros?  If you’ve never listened to “selected shorts,” it’s story telling at its best.   But I digress. 

My regret is that I didn’t get to see the bow of Symphony Space, a Schuilte & Bruns ship launched in 2016.  She appears to have been in port for bunkers.  As is often true, had I stayed out there in the cold another few hours . . . brrr! . . . I could have seen that bow as she headed out to sea, bound for Quebec’s Saguenay River.

Since I’m posting mediocre photos today, here’s one of two vessels with the same name–incoming and outgoing–Pilot No. 1.  Technically, only the nearer mother ship can claim that name now, I suppose.


All photos, Sunday, WVD.