Let’s start with some goat names . . .  Capricornus Leader and

Onego Capri.  In the background and in true Chekhov’s gun fashion . . . that mark on the horizon, well . . .


that’s the intriguingly named Ship John Shoal. 

I always wonder what self-propelled machines are encased in these ROROs.

Again . . .   following Chekhov’s rule . . .   but first, would you guess this vessel is approaching?

It turned.  Now that blur off to the right of Minerva’s bow, I


can’t tell you because we never caught up.

The waters have many moods . . . That’s the also intriguingly named West Bank Light off in the distance.

And finally . . .  Bora Bora.  Could you locate that namesake place on a map of the world?

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

If you need help with Bora Bora, here’s a clue.