Now THIS is sheer beauty to start my 145th month of blogging  . . . .

Jeep FC (forward control) 170.

And this is showing off.  That “NASH” sign , , ,that’s a large screen advertising screen.  A few seconds later, another ad was there. You could call it Bryan Dax’s rolling media center.    It is a unique 1990 Diamond Reo, and I saw it in its hometown on Two Rivers, WI.

The Volvo is not that unusual although the conveyance is.

Maybe a 1970 Land Rover pickup?

Would this be an early 1970s Ford Bronco?

This is a late 1940s Dodge Power Wagon . . .

and finally, that looks like a 1962 Willys pickup.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who has a truckster surprise up his sleeve.