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Let’s start with some goat names . . .  Capricornus Leader and

Onego Capri.  In the background and in true Chekhov’s gun fashion . . . that mark on the horizon, well . . .


that’s the intriguingly named Ship John Shoal. 

I always wonder what self-propelled machines are encased in these ROROs.

Again . . .   following Chekhov’s rule . . .   but first, would you guess this vessel is approaching?

It turned.  Now that blur off to the right of Minerva’s bow, I


can’t tell you because we never caught up.

The waters have many moods . . . That’s the also intriguingly named West Bank Light off in the distance.

And finally . . .  Bora Bora.  Could you locate that namesake place on a map of the world?

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

If you need help with Bora Bora, here’s a clue.


It’s been over a half year since I played voyeur at a docking, so I was happy when I got to watch Minerva Eleonora sally in recently, following Mary Gellatly. Note Laura K. to port and Doris Moran to starboard.

Once Laura K. controls most forward momentum, Doris cuts around the stern

and makes to.

Shore crew catching lines await behind some unambiguously inhospitable signage

When signals are clear, Laura K. puts her 5100 hp into pushing,

shoving Eleonora toward the dock,

with utmost control, pinning the tanker.  Note Laura K. prop froth extending most of the way across the KVK.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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