At last, on Sunday, the NYTimes has a Fleet Week article, which devotes a few paragraphs to the speedy vessels below and their capabilities. Watch the accompanying NYTimes slideshow, which devotes more than a third of its fotos to tattoos. Is this reinforcing stereotypes? Info on another Times article at the end of this post.

Landing ramps on the sterns of these MK 1’s show no names. Foto thanks to Gigi. More on Gigi soon, I hope.

Speed at rest nestles beside cutter Ida Lewis, named for the so-called bravest woman in America..

They rafted up facing the Statue and then zoomed northbound past the CRRNJ station. Would you believe 50 knots+ propelled by twin 2285-horsepower diesels?

Unrelated to these vessels, the Times ran another article on services for mariners yesterday. This one profiled Herb Reiss, a godsend to mariners ship-bound during their brief stay in the our fair harbor. A slideshow accompanies this story as well.

Photos, WVD.