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I focused on Alice the first time I ever posted, and if you’ve visited here awhile, you know about my perverse devotion to Alice, but she last visited New York around the start of this year, and as of last night was blithely sailing along the cusp of the Indian Ocean, westbound, southeast of Sri Lanka, the homeland of part of the crew. Her place here has been taken . . .

not in my heart (rest assured, my sister) but at the aggregates dock in Brooklyn by this orange beauty

named for a type of Venetian carnival mask. As it turns out, Bauta and Alice share sisterhood in CSL International, a self-unloading extended family, that also includes Barkald.

Lying across the aggregates dock last Sunday was Cape Nelson, named for a point Alice missed on her circumnavigation.

With McAllister Sisters cutting across her bow after assisting departure from the dock, Cape Nelson left town recently, with UFO . . .

providing bow watch, escort service, or guardian angelship. W-w-what if Alice returns orange like Bauta and Barkald?@!@#

Totally unrelated, here are some peversely beautiful fotos of ships gone astray at Dark Roasted Blend.

Photos, WVD.

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