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Oh.. the things you see when you look . . . a half dozen warships enter the sixth boro, and the New York Times mentions nary a word, has not a single foto! I just went through all 80 pages–twice, and unless my eyes fail me, nothing. Any sixth boro water stories? Oh, yeah, a feature on a world-class rower in the styles section. Styles?!

Here’s a link that tells all the Times doesn’t about Fleet Week 2008. Kearsarge (LHD-3) stood off Wednesday morning right outside the Narrows. McAllister Sisters stands by. Naturally, John J. Harvey stands by too, with its own air support.

The first vessel in was cruiser Leyte Gulf (CG-55) complete with air support, or at least people with better camera angles than me. Leyte Gulf, southeast Philippines, saw a key WW2 sea battle.

When destroyer Nitze (DDG-94) steamed in, she left a massive wake.

The first of three Canadian vessels escorted in was the frigate Toronto (FFH-333). Notice the red dot on the stack?

It’s a red maple leaf, of course.

Kearsarge received a 17-gun salute as she entered and then returned the greeting. I whispered a prayer for any weak-hearted, unsuspecting driver crossing the Verrazano when Kearsarge fired her first shot directly beneath the roadbed.

And thanks to Bernie Ente, here’s Kearsarge in the North River with all accompanists.

Dedicated to all who served and who still work on the sixth boro. Happy National Maritime Day! More Fleet Week fotos soon. Got good ones you’re willing to share? Email me.

Photos, except Bernie’s . . . WVD.

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