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Unrelated: I updated info on my “about” page.

I’ve already decided this is “1” of several on this photogenic topic, thanks to a comment posted by John Dupee a few weeks ago, who provided the origin of the term as “puddening [Probably fr. pudden, for pudding, in allusion to its softness.] (Naut.) (a) A quantity of rope-yarn, or the like, placed, as a fender, on the bow of a boat. (b) A bunch of soft material to prevent chafing between spars, or the like.” from Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1998.

As a kid, I would have used “beard” to describe what gives canal tug Waterford the hoary look on its bow.

St. Andrews sports an unusual color-coordinated pudding that I’d wager is some sythetic material.

The color and body of Janice Ann‘s pudding makes the vessel not only distinctive but also authoritative…well…

that might lead to rash decisions… like starting stuff with Lincoln Sea around 2200 hp to 8000 hp. By the way, airdraft on Lincoln is 86 feet, surpassing the mast top of a certain schooner.

Back to government boats puddings for now, like Urger. Check Fred’s link here to see great Urger engine shots.

Governor Cleveland‘s got its backside covered too, a smart idea that certain governors should have learned something by going down to the waterfront and looking at passing river traffic.

More on puddings soon.

Photos, WVD.

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