Excuse the dried water droplet!@#@. Workers at far end of the floating drydock show the scale; two days ago, Peking occupied this space.


McAllister Responder appears just before noon.



Before 1 pm Peking has left KVK for the Battery.



I’m thrilled to experience Peking moving as the ship she is. Here’s a great time to watch the 9 -minute YouTube clip of Peking 79 years ago pushing through a storm on the English Channel. Great statistics on Peking in this clip. Thanks to Peter Mello of Sea Fever and the podcast Messing About in Ships for putting up a link to this Irving Johnson footage.



Toward the Battery . . .



we leave the Statue astern . . .



while Elizabeth captures a view from Pier 17.



Elizabeth McAllister serves as assist tug



as Responder finesses Peking back into the slip beside . . . a McAllister of another era.  It’s now a little past 2 pm.  Come see at South Street Seaport.   More on Peking later.

Unless otherwise stated, photos, WVD.