Onrust means restless. And restless it no doubt is while taking shape within this transparent cocoon. Although this replica building site is over 100 miles upriver (on the Mohawk), Adrien Block and crew built the original during the winter 393 years ago in Manhattan to replace Tyger, which burnt (remnants are buried just north of the former north tower of the WTC). I’m speculating the original Onrust was constructed near there.



This metal model, like the one on the weather vane above, approximates Onrust‘s completed appearance.



Stem and frames as of early January 2008 (seen from port and



from inside) include wood from a 400-year-old oak donated for the project.  Look carefully at the top inside of the stem;  more on that carving later.



View of Onrust from aft. Onrust‘s importance in US history is that it was the first decked sailing vessel built by Europeans on the west side of the Atlantic.



More on this project later, but check out WoodenBoat‘s article on p. 14 of the Jan/Feb 2008 issue.

For now, check out this article. Even better, donate a skin plank, futtock, or (my favorite) part of a leeboard!

All images by Will Van Dorp.