I don’t generally pay much homage to passenger shipping in the sixth boro, but QMs pivoting 180 degrees between the Colgate clock and the Battery left me speechless; from my vantage point, I saw a “north” bound vessel rotate “anticlockwise” and then “park” facing the Statue of Liberty. Oh, to have seen it from the air! A ship assist tug just stood by, feeling obsolete in the age of azipods and triple bow thrusters?

The hulls all wear Cunard blue, but that’s where uniformity ends. Lots of fotos follow.


QE bow and bridge. Tiny and relatively few portholes made for a “dark” ship last night compared with the glass cathedral look of the two newer Cunard vessels.


QM bow and bridge


QV bow and bridge. I couldn’t get a starboard shot.


QE bow. By the way, notice the rust. More on that later.


QM bow. A litte grainy, but . . . you remember what happened when that submarine tried to approach last summer.


QV bow.


About that rust . . . in the harsh January sun it couldn’t hide. I’ll revisit Cunard in a few days.

Some numbers, all QE, then QM, then QV

Speed: 33 knots- 30- 23. Might the next Queen crawl at 15 knots?

Gross tons: 70,000- 148, 000- 90,000

Waterline beam: 32 meters- 41- 32.

Height: 52 meters- 72- 62.

Length: 293 meters- 345- 294