A brief update from Gloucester:  Bowsprite and I traveled up there to investigate reports of sightings of Bowsprite’s identical twin.  Sure enough, we found reported twin working away at Captain Joe & Sons lobster dock.  Captain Joe & Sons is also home to GoodMorning Gloucester, also the source of the reported swimming twin.

home of some very handsome crustaceans aka Homaris, but

as we approached the brown-jacketed employee, fright swept across her face and she leapt

into the inner harbor, disappearing underwater only to re-emerge some minutes later on the other side to chat with some “homie” gulls about

whatever they had to sort out through intense discussion.

Some time later, and possibly after a fresh underwater meal, said identical twin returned to resume her work.

Bowsprite and I (and Monkeyfist) thanked Captain Joey and all the good, hospitable folks (like Frank,  Paul and Jay)  of Gloucester for their warm reception (Thanks again).  Then the yin and yang of the sixth boro continued

on their mission.  More of that soon.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, except the last, which was snapped by a timer.

Here’s a great set of Gordon Bok songs, well worth the 9+ minutes.