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It’s  been a year and a half since I’ve used this title, but how could I not jump at the chance to post Dock’s fotos here of Clearwater on its “portable shipyard,” in this case barge Black Diamond, here mated to Cornell.  Clearwater sometimes exits its element for maintenance.

Come spring, Clearwater will again cleave the Hudson.  I wonder when Bowsprite will generate Clearwater magic in her sketchbook . . .?  She has fotos, and I know a sloop’s not a schooner, mais . . .

Some  continue to sail, like this sloop in Gravesend Bay Sunday, taking Maersk Michigan‘s stern.

And here are two sailing hulls undergoing major work in Gloucester:  left to right, they would be Eleanor and Beaver, “replicas” of two of four Tea Party ships.  Can you name the other tea ships and the year of said party?

Eleanor (ex-Vincie N), a Gloucester fishing vessel built in 1936, seems to have undergone a major face-lift and . . . er . .  butt-lift.  Click here for a shot of Vincie N pre-conversion, and here for the story of the dragger’s fishing history.

Click here for info on that tea party.  The other two vessels were Dartmouth and William.

Top two fotos by Dock Shuter; others by Will Van Dorp.

All week this week Tugster mentions the blog started three years ago!  Three candlepower!

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