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Back home in the sixth boro!  I would have liked to stay longer in New England, wanted to see much more of the places around the Merrimack where  I spent almost 15 years, but . . . nose away from the perfumes of fish and brine, eyes away from of  beautiful colors of the salt marsh and onto the bright hues and hieroglyphics of large ships’ hull.  (Hmm . . . has Bowsprite been doodling art shapes on this hull?)

Here my new language is familiar, like . . . uh .  .

well . . . Amy C McAllister to starboard escorting

(exactly . .  it was on the tip of my tongue) Sealand Michigan out to sea while

Marjorie B. McAllister shadows to port.

Sealand Michigan, full frontally resembles a seabird, not unlike

the one that glides alongbehind as she passes Romer Shoal Light.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Two unrelated notes:  I have many more fotos from the Trip to Gloucester and beyond to post in days to come.

Sealand . . . besides being the name of the original container company established in 1960 by Malcolm McClean, also just happens to be the name of a micro-nation in the North Sea.  See here and here.

And, if you need an antidote to the blues, go see the movie called Pirate Radio. Here’s a trailer with some good upbeat music.  There once was a Dutch pirate radio on Veronica here and another on Silvretta here.  And many many more.

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