Scroll back to Christmas Day, 2008, already last year.  What were you doing at or about noon?  If you read this blog regularly, you might recall that I had incarnated that day as an elf as part of PortSide NewYork‘s Operation Christmas Cheer.  As an elf with a camera, I took these fotos of Atlantic Dawn, which


seems to be its own company, contracting out.  On Christmas Day, it was moored to this flotilla where nearby a grab


brought up parts of the harbor bed deemed


misplaced, in-the-way, slated for removal to


other places, other ocean floor areas.

Inestimable thanks to Harold Tartell for this link and more info about Atlantic Dawn and Gulf Dawn, both frequent in the sixth boro but hailing from Gretna, LA, west bank of the Mississippi but east of New Orleans.

Unrelated:  Sirius Star oil, well-seasoned, is free to move out of Somali waters.  The hijacked Saudi tanker owners are $3 million lighter.    Hmm.

Photos, WVD.