The Nemo-deer figurehead had led us to midpoint in the KVK before the fuel soured in the engine, and


Kristy Ann Reinauer (shown here with Stephen last summer over by the AK Bridge) offered a tow to a quicker safer anchorage over


where futile calls for assistance led nowhere when the dispatcher for a certain unnamed membership-based rescue service wanted to know where between Lake Erie and Erie Canal  one might find the location of Erie Basin (!?@!?)


and USCG patrol/headquarters sorted out their protocols and


graciously towed us to Red Hook.  For a a photo of your truly doing his own fotos, check this link, with many thanks to Tom Turner.

Meanwhile, I’m still gallivanting in the Coosa, Tennessee,  and  Chattahoochee watersheds.  Fotos soon, but I’m striking out with much traffic of the rivers.


About Kristy Ann, I’m wondering if she’s a twin of Juliet?

Photos, WVD.