Warning:  I have no reasonable idea what bowsprite has captured here. Possibly the sight has so befuddled her that she kept these shots from me for 10 weeks.  She took these on October 23, 2008.  The material looks to be steel like a barge, but the shape is certainly sailing vessel.  Two collars seem destined to support a—-well—-bowsprit.


The raised quarterdeck resembles something pre-20th century, and the pointed frames port and starboard could lend themselves to bulwarks if


the entire exterior were covered with wood or synthetic wood.  Provenance upriver and destination we have no clue about.  Wherezit taken?


It’s directly below bowsprite’s cliff dwelling.  Yes, that’s the Colgate clock in Jersey City just north of the Morris Canal.


Total mystery to me:  prop for a movie, retro-design cruise ship,  toy for Bernie Madoff/Dennis Kozlowski & fellow white-collar corsairs party on the MV Albert B. Fall, pirate interdiction vessel to be dedicated to keeping ersatz Gucci and Rolex products off Manhattan sidewalks, released super-mothership of the Rip van Winkle’s “strangely dressed” befuddlers post-ransom payment?    Bowsprite seems to have lost the temporary anxiety resulting from the sighting.  Any ideas?  Actually, I can’t identify the tug either.

Anyone offering info leading to the correct identification of this “spiky conundrum” will be offered the opportunity to post mystery vessel fotos of his/her own.  Hey . . . it’s been over a year since I last put up a relief crew post, but the next one would be “Relief Crew 8.”

Postscript:  Thanks to comments by John Brown and Jim, the mystery ship is identified here.