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<<Note:  I have to blast “tugster’s” horn.   Check the comments to the left by “john brown” and tugster.  >>

This foto dates from September 2008, filed away but begging for use.  Katherine Walker–the woman–did “lighthouse keeping”  NOT to be confused with “light housekeeping” at the Robbins Reef light for 33 years!   That qualifies her for


the title on the arm above.  And for getting this Coast Guard cutter named in her honor.


Here she heads from the East (so-called) River toward


the Buttermilk Channel.


And Katherine Walker makes me think of other keepers.  Here’s an unsual shot of a lighthouse I took in North Carolina a month ago.  I like the mailbox out front. And sometimes being very lazy,


uh,  effiicient (cough, cough), here’s some info in the pic below.  If anyone has fotos of unusual lighthouses –or unsuusal fotos of lighthouse– and is willing to share, I’d be happy to post with some info . . . as long as there’s water on the shot.

aaalh2The events of a week ago in New York harbor really demonstrate how quickly people switch out of their routines to instantaneously become their brothers’ (and sisters’) keepers.  I love that about the human spirit; it ennobles us.

But in the interest of fun, how about some musing on other keepers:   bar keeper, inn keeper, zoo keepers, bee keeper, goal keeper, record keeper, score keeper, River keeper, Promise keeper, bookkeeper, fish or friends said to be keepers, keepers of grudges, trapper keeper . . .

and to cheat, I googled it then.  But you can do that yourself if you wish.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  I added “old salt” on my blogroll.  And check out 12Bridge’s Flickr photostream here;  it includes hundreds of photos including ones of tug Cornell ice breaking.

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