What’s orange: Life jackets, signal smoke flares, lifeboats . . . lots of stuff. So is this handysize UPT chemical tanker named Cape Bruny escorted in at sunrise by a brace of McAllister tugs. Any guess where Cape Bruny lies? Answer follows.



Notice how busy the Arthur Kill was this morning.



McAllister Responder moves to starboard.



Even safety overalls are orange. I’m curious about the tank codes (FO, SL, 6, 5 , etc) along the top of the hull.


The small container ship Indian Ocean off the portside of Cape Bruny is orange.



Cape Bruny location: clues…. a lighthouse was built there in 1838, located on an island off the southeast tip of ….

Bruny Island . . . . Tasmania.

Photos, Will Van Dorp.