… love me tenders? Or dinghys.



Wood or plastic resembling wood, tenders can be sweet and fun to mess around in.



Tenders can serve as tugs, like this one dock-assisting the three-masted topsail schooner Mystic.



Tenders can hang from davits most of the time, as with this stalwart safely above Newtown Creek.



They can be slung alongbehind as on Pioneer, here anchored in the Hudson. Notice the anchor ball hanging in rigging forward and the anchor rode off the bow.



Tenders can stay covered and atop the boat deck as with Governor Cleveland docked here between USCG Wire and East End Maritime Institute’s Cornell.



John B. Caddell, so often featured in this blog, carries a tender. No offense, guys, but given how meticulous you do paint maintenance, I’d imagine the tender paint scheme would conform to the Cutler & Poling uniform. Or do I miss something here?