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Some will think this post self-indulgent, but I’ve gotten encouragement to show my face in flagrante delecto, busted for aiming a lens over a fence at my favorite set of scenes. Actually the truth is much more pedestrian: Elizabeth took this shot. And that’s not an expression of embarrassment, pain, or anger… just focus.


My real purpose in this post is to shout-out a new website, not mine, that’s worth a look. It’s Daniel Hormann‘s. He’s provided me with a few fotos in recent months. Check his fotos out.

Here’s the dean of sixth boro photography, Don Sutherland.

A really big influence on my life was a book called Portrait of a Port, featuring superb analysis by W. H. Bunting of truly stunning fotos by Nathaniel Stebbins. Portrait is a “must-own” for all fans of the intersection of the sail and steamer age.

Another great set of fotos–this time of our own New York harbor–was taken by Edwin Levick and collected in a book called Seaport, fine fotos in some cases scantily analyzed by the otherwise great writer Phillip Lopate. I wish the text of Seaport had been informed by more pithy research; see p. 28 “Fishing fleet at Fulton Fish Market.” It would be satisfying to learn the history of the Market and commentary on the mix of sail and power fishing vessels of the time.  Likewise, p. 101:  “Stern of the Hickman in dry dock.”  What was Hickman?  Which drydock?  I make these comments knowing how hard the research might be, but Bunting does it so well, my expectations are elevated.

Eeeek! I’m not putting myself in the class of Stebbins, Levick, Bunting, Lopate, Sutherland, or Hormann. Definitely check out Daniel’s site and the Bunting book. Oh, and thanks for reading my blog.

Foto above by Elizabeth Wood.

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