I’m enjoying this time travel back to the late 70s–early to mid 80s, and I hope you are too.

Foto #1:  Between Yonkers and Hastings, lightship is No. 84, Camden-built 1907, the one that later did bottom duty in Erie Basin, until the Ikea development made it disappear. Can anyone identify the white vessel north of the lightship?


Foto #2.  Today Mathilda rests on the north bank of the Rondout in Kingston, as I photographed her almost exactly five years ago.  I never knew she also crawled out awhile on Pier 94.


Foto #3.  A Moran tug escorts ACL Song through the Newark Bay drawbridge on its way to Port Elizabeth.  Drawbridge and vessel are long gone.  I can’t identify the tug.


Foto #4.  James Turecamo looked like this when she carried Turecamo colors.


Foto #5.  Beside the heavy traffic, do you notice something odd about Empire State V, one of a long list of training vessels assigned to SUNY Maritime?


Foto #6.  Listing perhaps?    On a sandbank near LaGuardia perhaps?  Frances Turecamo holds station to staboard.  I can’t  identify the tug to port.


Foto #7.  Anyone know anything about a sunken lounge/restaurant once known as Drifters I?


All fotos taken by Seth Tane about 30 years ago and used with his permission.