1969 . . . a year for me of many firsts,  like finishing high school and going off to college and  . . . .  In events related to this blog, 1969 was the year of feats and firsts accomplished by the likes of Apollo 11,  Suhaili, a 747, a Concorde, another Airplane, and ARPANET.  A fire at Bannerman’s Castle destroyed much of the roof.  In December 1969, up at Matton Shipyard, James Turecamo first splashed.  Here’s early-morning 40-year-old  James westbound last week.


This blog has featured fotos of James Turecamo in 10 posts since January 2008.  Use the search window to locate them.  Below, James (1700 hp) collaborates with Miriam Moran (3000 hp) to position Blue Jade at a dock along the Arthur Kill, giving


a burst of power as needed.


Deckhand on James’s bow coordinates with the color-coded crew aboard Blue Jade.


Next time you see James Turecamo, think 1969.  And Andy will think 1969 this way.


Other tugs seen in the sixth boro hailing from Matton include the following:  Jean Turecamo (1975) and Zachery Reinauer (1971).   Ditto Thornton Brothers (1958), whom I haven’t seen around at all in the past year.  Has Thornton Brothers gone off to Philadelphia?   Ah, the city of brotherly love . . . I was there this week myself.  Fotos soon.

All fotos here by Will Van Dorp.

Oh . . . some 1969 music, try this collaboration.

And thanks to Brian, tracking info on Flinterduin . . . sheesh . . .  this is starting to feel like a drawn-out Christmas Eve.