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Jack Newman has appeared in this blog before here, but guess the port.  This foto comes courtesy of Guy Pushee.  Port info comes at the end of this post.

The newest–I believe–tug in the harbor is Timothy L. Reinauer, less than a month on the job . . . in its current incarnation.  Timothy L was Bridget McAllister and Ocean Star before that.  The upper house “stalk” seems pitched at some unusual angles relative to the waterline.

Welcome!  er . . . welcome back, Timothy.

Now this tug had me a bit mystified as it approached.  Its windowless superstructure has something in common with stealth ship like John Dark aka Jeanne d’Arc’s stealthy sidekick, now back at sea.

Remember most fotos enlarge with a doubleclick.  Try it and you’ll clearly see the stacks of Jennifer Turecamo.

OK, I’ve said it before:  Adriatic Sea roars that makes her seem larger than she might measure, so large–in fact–that she does not fit in this foto.

Here’s another fairly new vessel:  Laurie Ann Reinauer.

And fleetmate, Nicole Leigh Reinauer.

Closing out this edition, it’s Justine McAllister.  Note the Empire State Building in lower right corner of foto.  And, given the summer-like burst of temperature, the haze  (and fog) have moved in.

All fotos but Guy’s by Will Van Dorp.

The port is Wilmington, North Carolina . . . the Cape Fear watershed.  Here’s a link to more of Guy’s fotos.  Guy, thanks for sending the foto along.

Also, check out Cruceros Glenans post on the Robbins Reef Light, which just happened to creep into so many of these posts.  I don’t recall having seen the derivation of the name info here before.

Unrelated but really important, check out this unofficial poll from the US Naval Institute on historic vessels/monuments to save if triage is called for.

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