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. . . raised arms.  When I notice something about them, maybe the angle, they seem everywhere.  On this blog you’ve seen them lift airplanes and containers and locomotives and even tugs.  Stephanie Dann moves this one west to or from a job while

Mighty Helen Parker moves this crane to the east.   I say “mighty” because previously the house was more anemic,

shown here.

I’ve forgotten what I knew about physics and this angle, but it’s everywhere, even on fish boats and Ikea decorations that once were shipyard cranes, a story documented here.  That’s a tugster foto on the cover.

It’s roughly that same angle, at attention, 45 degrees.  No, this foto only gives the illusion of Matthew Tibbetts escorting in MSC Rachele.

One more look . . . Bering Sea with DBL 31.

Oh-oh.  I hear April knocking and opening the front door.   Gotta go.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated but cool pix from today’s NYTimes:  Ellis Island ferry relics.

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