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… as in frontals and posteriors.

Head-on, a ship positively looks like a sentient being, maybe because like a head, it is symmetrical:  hawses like eyes and in the case of many ships, a bow not unlike the ridge of a nose or beak.  Zim Savannah approaches and I shoot into the sun.

In this foto by Jed, Targale seems flanked like someone either being freely assisted or escorted against her will.  Starboard and port, respectively, are Marie J. Turecamo and Marjorie Turecamo.

Charleston was here once before, stern-view by me as juxtaposed with a version painted by Pamela Talese.

Enjoy the rest: Torm Nakskov, slightly off center.  I’d never guess Nakskov to be a Danish place-name.

Clipper Oceanica.  Part of a diverse company that includes Marlene Green.  Escort here is Miriam Moran.

A local  named Kristin Poling.

Al-Sabahia, here and

positively posterior.  Escort is Laura K. Moran.  Twenty years ago, I lived and worked in the Sabahiya district of Kuwait.

Foto #2 by Jed;  all other fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Related aesthetic from France/ Bay of Biscay:  lots of work boats.

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