I could say a skinny man fell through the hole in the prop and tumbled in Alice-in-Wonderland adventures, leaving only his hard hat as clue to his whereabouts.  But that improbable tale has already been told and retold.

The truth is . . . obviously this is Pegasus prop.

And what a thing of beauty is her hull,

its curves.

The shape and flow seem organic, biological.

Has a model

ever been made of Pegasus?

If not, one should be.  And this just in from Harold Tartell, one has, a model by Bob Mattsson.  See it here.

Click here for Don Sutherland’s great fotos of Pegasus previous time out of the water for a haircut, shave, and lotioning.

In the sixth boro the wind tonight howls!

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.