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Three days after the stunning but dark color fotos by bowsprite,  it’s St Patrick’s Day, and weather in the sixth boro has returned color, blue skies.  Pegasus is radiant, waiting for shaft, prop, and splash.  Doubleclicking enlarges most fotos.

Jade bluegreen Maersk Tangier gets bisected by the wall of the drydock supporting Pegasus.  Note the props on left side of foto, like three- and five-leafed clovers.  Pegasus has a four-leaf, which you saw here.

Maersk Tangier (1990) seems to have an unusual crane, for moving containers in smaller ports.

This foto of Minerva Marina was taken from Rosebank, the same location as the sixth foto in “Weather 3.”

Still from the same location but zoomed in, note the bow of Minerva Marina and the stern of Halit Bey, and in between, see the pyramidal building called  120 Wall Street, in Manhattan, where the green of St. Patrick’s prevailed yesterday, I assume.  Notice the crew–five of them– on the Minerva tanker relative to the anchor machinery size.

Moyra, (launched in Wuhan, China in 2005) resplendent in dawn light, readies to leave for … the Carolinas?

And a final shot of Moyra on this bright St Patrick’s Day.  I really tried to find a green hull today.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, three days after the most recent deluge.

To get back to St. Patrick’s . . . or San Patricio’s, here’s a twist you might not have heard:  Paddy Moloney, the Chieftains, and Ry Cooder have teamed up with Mexican musicians–including Lila Downs–to commemorate a group of Irish who played an unexpected role in the Mexican-American War in 1846.

Here’s a concept:  Odin transformed into ATB with a Brandywine-sque upper house.

A newcomer:  Eagle Service (ex-Grant Candies).

As you seen here before and from the same year as Eagle Service, it’s Patriot Service (ex-Sean Candies, 1996).   Click here to see the current Candies fleet.

And another frequenter of this blog, Glen Cove (ex-Mary Gellatly, Philadelphia, and Capt. Danny, 1975).

Hubert Bays (2001) and mover of biofuel in the harbor?  See this.

Fred Johannsen (ex-Marco Island, 1971)

Evening Mist (ex-Patricia C. Bouchard, 1976)

If you haven’t seen Bowsprite’s latest prototype color scheme redesign, check it out here. Honestly, I can’t wait to see her redesign some other fleet colors, both commercial and (especially) non-profit/museum-esque;  after all, according to my friend Alice, she possesses a magical camera.    And another new tug video from the guys in Gloucester . . .  Joey, Paul, and Jay.  Also, Mitch of Newtown Pentacle has sauntered through my offices here recently and put together his own KVK impressions; part one can be accessed through part 2.

Of course, it’s the lovely Gramma Lee T Moran that serves as backdrop (along with product tanker Torm Venture) for three of the fotos.

All fotos here taken last week (before the storm) by Will Van Dorp.

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