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Call it a fusion of  foto #1 of “Seven Seas 2,”  scuttlebutt I’d heard about the previous lives of Lincoln Sea, colors of a certain animation extravaganza that  did NOT win the “best pic” award at a certain TV event the other night, and a Hindu deity called Vishnu.  What!  Well, they all involve the color blue.

Special thanks to Harold Tartell for all the fotos in this post.

Below, Lincoln Sea, way back when it was known as Mohawk, was a frightening blue, like Vishnu, “the color of the infinite space as well as the infinite ocean on which he resides”  and had flying horses on her stacks.

After a certain event in Alaska, the flying horses flew away and the name changed to S/R plus that of a town on Massachusetts, I believe.

Greenland Sea followed a similar shift of palette, starting out as Doc Candies and then becoming Tecumseh, before

becoming S/R Providence.

You may be wondering what the Kenny Lofton connection is . . . or maybe who Kenny Lofton is . . .  well, a friend who is a baseball fanatic tells me Kenny Lofton has the distinction in major league baseball of NEVER RARELY playing more than one season for the same major league baseball team.  It’s therefore a little unfair to cmpare Cheyenne to Kenny, but certain similarities exist.  Below . . . Cheyenne is DonJon uniform, then  (working backwards here)

Port Albany Ventures, then

Red Star, then

Spentonbush, then


The name never changed, but ownership and colors have.  Cheyenne . . .  pushing to be the Kenny Lofton of the sixth boro.

And as Juliet said, “”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose        By any other name would smell as sweet.”  Or as I appropriate, “What’s in a color?  That which we see in white and orange (or green) In any color would move as well.”

Many thanks to Harold Tartell for these fotos.

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