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Let’s start with a mystery shot.  Whatzit?   Answer below.

Drydock #8 at Caddell  looked like this around 2:45 yesterday.  It had looked this way, in broad brush strokes, for over a week.

Since lunch, the last part of the prop was wirewheeled and

these numbers–a maintenance record–stamped into the wheel were revealed.  Unfortunately, this means of record keeping has been discontinued these past 30 years, although a logbook allows for greater detail.

By 3, with all the talks complete and papers signed and MOST important, Pegasus t-shirts passed along to yard crew who treasured them, twelve or so  men choreographed the sinking of the drydock.  Some on valves, some on lines, all coordinated by a foreman who watched, ordered, and cajoled his men, who spoke a delightful mix of diversely accented English.



And by 3:15, Pegasus was nowhere to be seen.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  So is the  video below.  Notice the captain climbing up at 24 seconds and walking along the portside at 1:40.  Also, recall that this 4-minute video was shot over about a half hour;  for that time, all lot of ships and tugboats pass in the background, roughly mid-point in the KVK.

See previous Pegasus posts starting here.  Also, see Pegasus‘ very own, quite capacious website.

Last but very important:  happy equinox.  I’m headed off to equinoxgallivant in this fabulous weather so unexpected, given what last Saturday looked and felt like.  Hope you too can spring today.

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