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Change happens.  Infatuations cool, obsessions dissipate, and pendulums swing.  Alliances and relationships shift.  And with these alterations, sometimes new look, different colors.  I posted on the change from June K to  Sarah Ann recently here.  Now check out the new Cheyenne, she of a dozen or so posts now has turned blue.  Many thanks to Pat Folan for the first three fotos;  Pat runs a great website called Pelican Passage, on my blogroll.  I always look forward to Pat’s updates.

Here are many more views of Cheyenne in red from a post almost three years ago.  On the blue Cheyenne, notice the stripe around the stack.  Will there also be a renaming?

Herbert P Brake has made the same change of uniform.

Losing three red boats and one orange one in the boro to sky blue might just start a trend.  Here’s another look at the new color of Sarah Ann, formerly  the  orange June K.

Here Stephen Scott Reinauer (farther in red and bronze) passes sky blue  Mary Alice, and

Ultramarine Mary H passes in the foreground with sky blue Meagan Ann out beyond.

Imagine all the Staten Island ferries gone blue . ..   And if San Fran has a Golden Gate, we could redub the VZ as the Blue Gate.  Now that calls for the talents of an illustrator.  I wonder if I know anyone who could pour sky blue over images of these places.   Picture the Statue of Liberty oxidized blue . . . isn’t  it already blue?  I think it matches the hues called Eton or Cambridge blue on this shade chart.

Some of my favorite  sky blue posts include Salvor (exactly a year ago) and  Suspension (a month ago).

Top three fotos thanks to Pat Folan and last three are Will Van Dorp.

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