as in “stocking up,” this sampling records some of the ships headed for sea or a short stay in port during the first half of September.

same with Golden Venus . . . what a name!!

Opal Express

Ever Diamond

Ever Racer and Navig8 Stealth

of course, while we stock up on stuff including home appliances, don’t forget the juice . . .  or juice fuel, the coal for the power plants, here blocking the helmsman’s window as it travels between bridge supports.

oh yeah . . . coal seems abundant enough (9000 tons per barge) here to suggest lots of those stockings will get stuffed with coal.  Coal foto compliments of Jed;  all others by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  Long Island Boathouse was not the only kayak group cleaning up islands in the boro.  Check frogma’s J-Bay TrashBash for 9/23 here.