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Previously I called this type of post “full frontal.”  a set of posts in which I try to see ships/boats a little differently.  What I mean is related to this:  ask a non-artist to draw a a ship or boat and most of the time you’ll get a frontal image, even if it’s a stick figure.  Ask that same person to draw a house,  … same result . . . frontal, a facade.   Ask  him or her to draw a car or train or ship, it’ll be a side view.  Why is that?  Maybe you have some idea, but I don’t.

Guess the vessel facing you below?  From this angle, it gives me the illusion of having an open mouth.  You’ve seen it before here.  Answer at end of post.  By the way, the shore structure on the far left of the foto is Staten Island September 11 memorial aka “postcards” designed by Masayuki Sono.

I love the rich orange in Atlantic Leo as she gets pivoted by Miriam Moran and Lee T. Moran.

Franklin Reinauer, slightly be-fogged.

Davis Sea leaves a few minutes of ice-free water in its wake as it approaches Kingston.

Golden Venus suggests a tight-wire act, using equal portions of the Bayonne Bridge to port and starboard to maintain balance.  Now why would this be called “golden” Venus, and wouldn’t several somewhat conflicting sets of associations come to mind if it were called “blue Venus”?

Nevska Lady approaches oil docks in Bayonne, escorted by  Kimberly Turecamo and Laura K.  Moran.

Here’s a three-quarter view of the mystery tug at the top of this post . . ..  why it’s Odin, of course.  I’m so glad I’ve now seen Odin from the head end.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

like bubblegum.  And the transition from the previous three posts to this one is abrupt:  battleship gray to petunia pink.  Like cement to hybiscus . ..  or (later).  Now pink’s not a color you’d imagine to find on this blog.  But why not?  It’s a beautiful color.  Of course, when I commented on my Colorado sister’s wearing a pink helmet as she rappelled down a cliff, she stopped: “It’s faded red,” she announced, fighting gravity until I relented, abandoned using the P word.

Anyhow, a lot of ships seem to use this bubblegum-color faded red bottom paint, not


that you’d know it from their names.  Golden Charlotte?  The only gold here might be around some parts of crew anatomy.  Call her Pinkblue Charlotte?  I love the oxidized anti-fouling painting on this tanker above carrying a deckload of limestone skyline and wearing Robbins Light as stern illumination.


Golden Venus . . . have to be careful here.  Would I even want my Venus to be gold?  Wasn’t  that a large part of Midas’ malaise?


No, I’ve no idea if Caribbean has any pink parts (like ex-Thornton Bros’ engine block?) , nor do I know if the surface under  the


sand does.  But, beyond the tow, it’s FR8 Pride, with that same hue of bottom paint:  pink!  Something’s going on here.


King David of Scorship . . . looks more pink than red to me . . . no matter what my sister wants to call her helmet.


All fotos, Will Van Dorp.

And back to the transition similes:  gray to pink . ..  like flying through a fog only to be engulfed by a massive venus flytrap, overcast light on still water supporting a lotus bloom, graysilver wrap around some wild carnations, alpine blossoms eking out an existence among rock, or seeking shelter from a torrent on Lexington Avenue in Bloomingdale’s lingerie department . . . (Did I write that on THIS blog?  Can I do that?  Does my editor allow this?)

as in “stocking up,” this sampling records some of the ships headed for sea or a short stay in port during the first half of September.

same with Golden Venus . . . what a name!!

Opal Express

Ever Diamond

Ever Racer and Navig8 Stealth

of course, while we stock up on stuff including home appliances, don’t forget the juice . . .  or juice fuel, the coal for the power plants, here blocking the helmsman’s window as it travels between bridge supports.

oh yeah . . . coal seems abundant enough (9000 tons per barge) here to suggest lots of those stockings will get stuffed with coal.  Coal foto compliments of Jed;  all others by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  Long Island Boathouse was not the only kayak group cleaning up islands in the boro.  Check frogma’s J-Bay TrashBash for 9/23 here.

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